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Leadership Coaching

As a certified Dare To LeadTM and experienced Leadership Development facilitator, Laura can work with your leadership teams to encourage innovation, increase employee engagement and improve performance through authentic connection.


Employee Development

Whether it’s goal setting, conflict resolution, performance management or personal success, Laura can customize a program for your employees based on more than 10 years of developing and engaging employees.


Change Management

Implementing culture, technology or process changes takes strategy, planning and customized tactics based on your unique organizational structure. Laura can help you plan and manage change from strategy development through to implementation.


Personal Success

Is every element in your life exactly the way you want it? Few of us can say yes. Laura can help you with career coaching, resume help, goal setting and achieving success in any area of your life. Attend a workshop or request a free 1-on-1 consultation.


Dare To LeadTM Program

In this highly interactive workshop, we will bring the research of Dr. Brené Brown to the team through videos, hands on exercises and engaging conversation.


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About Me

Senior Change Management Consultant and Certified Dare To Lead™ Facilitator

Early in my career, it became clear to me that my passion is leadership and employee development. Whether I’m implementing change on a technology project or working with clients to transform their business’ culture, it is courageous leaders and engaged employees that will ensure success. My main priority is to make a difference and create a safe space for growth. I believe in creating a customized approach for each client that takes into consideration their culture, resources, and unique circumstances.

Kind Words From Leaders:

“Dare to Lead” was an interactive, thought-provoking workshop that left me inspired; feeling much more confident in my leadership abilities with many actionable take-aways I can apply immediately!

Laura, provided excellent support and guidance throughout the workshop.  It was well paced, gave good opportunities for discussion and thought sharing and kept up a high level of energy and interest for the participants… Thank you, Laura!

~ Marnie D.
Customer Support, Carrier Services

Kind Words From Leaders:

“As leaders we must often look inside ourselves first in order to be the authentic leader those around us desire.

Through Laura’s expert facilitation, the “Dare to Lead” workshop guides you through discovering courageous leadership in a fun, engaging and safe environment.

Laura was fantastic at creating space for reflection, allowing us to connect with the content in a meaningful way.

I highly recommend this impactful workshop to anyone looking to up their game and embrace leadership in whatever form it shows up in your life!:

~ Kimberly B.
Human Resources Manager

Kind Words From Leaders:

“Laura’s kind energy creates a cocoon of safety around her participants, allowing us to sit in non-judgemental truth with ourselves and our fellow learners. Being truly who we are, where we are, in itself is an act of courage, and I believe that Laura’s ability to cultivate this healthy space is unique and critical to the effectiveness of her work. […] 

This workshop is about so much more than courageous leadership. It’s about taking responsibility and cultivating authenticity as we shed the layers that hold us back from being our best and most powerful selves. I left there with a clearer vision of who I want to be and an internal roadmap for making that happen in my world.”

~ Heidi V.

Kind Words From Leaders:

“I signed up for the “Dare to Lead” workshop hoping to discover new and different ways of bringing courage and empathy into the corporate environment but wondered if it would be worth the investment… I can confirm it was well worth the investment and what I left with was vastly more than I expected…

I learned that feeling vulnerable and struggling with the ‘typical, sterile office environment’ wasn’t just something I alone experienced. […] This workshop also helped me gain clarity on my values and normalized being human in the office. I have a renewed perspective for how I want to be every day, in all aspects of my life […]

Not only was the workshop both fun and challenging but Laura’s facilitation style and insight was invaluable. She has a calm and authentic personality that truly connected and inspired me. I can’t speak highly enough of this workshop.”

~ Serena L.
Business Owner

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