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Leadership, Change, and Personal Success Consultant
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Hi, I’m Laura

I believe we all have the right to follow our passions and achieve success. By exploring courageous leadership, setting and committing to our goals, and honoring the space for having difficult conversations, we can establish true connection at work and in our personal lives.

Featured Articles


The Messy Middle #5: Me in the Middle

This week, I've reversed roles and enlisted my very good friend Jodi Hughes to interview me about my career journey and leadership development work.  In this video, we explore leadership, values, diversity equity & inclusion, vulnerability and my predictions...

The Messy Middle #4: Follow Your Joy

I met Katy Loewen shortly after moving to British Columbia and knew quickly she would become a friend.  Katy has amazing energy, insight, passion for her work and curiosity. Katy has started several businesses and career focuses and I was interested to learn how...

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