Among the recent COVID 19 pandemic, teams who are used to working together in the office are now facing new challenges. We’re being asked to work from home with schools and care facilities shut down and not everyone is equipped to handle the shift whether it’s physically, technically or emotionally.

The most important thing for newly remote teams is to come to an agreement around what the “new normal” is. How will we work together, what are our expectations, what do we need for support?

One of the benefits of this shift is that we are suddenly thrust into bringing our whole “messy” selves to work. While the crawling toddler in the news interview was once a viral hilarity, it is an accurate reality for many parents who are trying to balance care-giving with working. We now have to find new ways to make sure we’re balancing work expectations with our “regular” lives, all in the confines of our homes. The compartmentalization we used to enjoy by being “parent” versus “professional” versus “leader” versus “family member” has been mushed into one and we can now extend tolerance, understanding and compassion to ourselves and our team mates as we navigate this new temporary reality together.

To make this easier, I’ve put together a quick guide for leaders to open the conversation around how your team will work in this new environment. Please feel free to share tips, comment and provide feedback as we help one another during these unprecedented times.

Link to guide:

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