Imagine a place where we’re all doing work we love and are good at. Imagine looking forward to jumping out of bed in the morning. Have you ever been “in flow”? What if most of your day, EVERY day was like that?

This recent talk of #quietquitting is getting attention. I would argue it is not a new concept – just a new term for dis-engagement. Most of us do not feel lit up by our careers, feel we are just doing a “job” and don’t see how it ties to any larger meaning or purpose whatsoever.

I feel a shift in expectations and energy is forcing (or perhaps “allowing” is a better word) to look at what we want out of our jobs; whether it be more #freedom #empowerment #meaning or #purpose.

On top of all that, there is the extra grief of toxic workplaces, terrible leadership and dysfunctional group dynamics many workplaces endure and even allow.

I believe we all deserve to do meaningful work that we love. I believe if we are all flexing our strengths, the world would be a better place and I believe that the time is now to look at what lights you up and go do that!

When we listen to our talents, our gifts and our abilities, we end up aligning to purpose which gives us a sense of meaning. What does that look like for you?

I know the thought of a career change or going solo can be terrifying and daunting to even think about. Believe me – my path has been a LOOOONG and windy road. I think the most important element of any change or journey is mindset.

In my Unlock your Dream Career Masterclass, I explore the 3 steps to finding amazing work you love.

The first step is to look at what doesn’t work – what do you hate about your current circumstances, what do you want NO MORE of?

The next step is to flip the coin and imagine your dream job/career. What are you doing? Where are you doing it? Who are you working with? What tasks are you focusing on? Where are you? What’s your environment like? When we can imagine the feeling of doing work we love, we embrace the possibility of achieving it and we start to see opportunities that will get us there.

Finally, the third step is to take action. What’s one thing you can do each day to move towards that dream? It could be updating your resume, networking with people doing what you want to do, researching business ideas, or working on your personal brand.

I would love for you to join me on September 15 for a FREE Masterclass to Unlock your Dream Career. I will walk you through the three steps and get you into action. There will also be prizes drawn for those who attend live and until the end.

Let’s get you the dream job you deserve!