In 2017 I made the move to the beautiful Shuswap area from just outside of Calgary.  Two very important things to me are professional networking and giving back; but I was unsure of how to make this part of my new life in BC.  It was my husband who first discovered Women Who Wine in our local paper (The North Shuswap Kicker) and encouraged me to reach out.  I was traveling back and forth to Calgary for work so did not feel I had the time to participate.

In 2019, however, I was able to find work in British Columbia and could finally put down some roots.  What an amazing group of women I found!  This organization offered local women in business monthly networking events which were focused on sharing and learning rather than those awkward “small talk” gatherings.  In addition, the group is exceptionally committed to giving back to community and the members hold quarterly community giving events as well as additional campaigns and fundraising throughout the year.  One thing is clear, if there is a need, this group will do what they can to help fill it.

I am so impressed with the founder of Women Who Wine Kailee Ramsell.  This young woman took a group of a few; and turned it into a 50 member society who has raised over $75,000 to date for local non-profit and charitable organizations.  I am also impressed with the high calibre of extraordinary women who belong to this group.  Who knew there were so many gems in one small area?

I know you will enjoy my conversation with Kailee where we talk about how the Women Who Wine society started, some of the memorable moments and what the organization has been able to achieve.

I hope you are inspired as I am by this remarkable lady and please check out the society and the Women Who Wine members here: 

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