I am always inspired to hear about people following their dreams so when I met Missy MacKintosh I was impressed by the great strides she has already made with her award winning professional clean make up line MISMACK cosmetics. 

When we are in pursuit of our goals and encounter a delay, setback or failure, it’s hard to remember that everyone who has achieved success has encountered some form of difficulty along the way.

In this vodcast episode, Missy shares her journey with us; from personal loss, breakdowns, and errors that almost stopped her in her tracks.

The lessons I took away from this episode are:

  1. You don’t have to have all of the answers to begin.  You can figure it out along the way.
  2. Your support system will help pick you up when you encounter setbacks or failures.  The people you surround yourself with will help elevate you along your journey.
  3. Be bold and brave!  Raise your hand to stand out and take a chance.
  4. Let the critics fuel you – prove them wrong

Ultimately the real learning here is “Keep going”!

I met Missy through our local women networking group “Shuswap Women Who Wine”.  What I love about this group is that it not only focuses on networking and promoting local business.  We also focus on supporting local non profit organizations and hold 4 giving events per year.  It’s this commitment to giving back that really bonds the group towards a common purpose.

Missy reflects giving back in her company and recently released a special edition lipstick that gives $5.00 towards Habitat for Humanity with every lipstick sold.  Read more about the story here:  https://mismack.com/mismack-and-habitat/

Watch it Now!  **NOTE:  This episode includes some adult language so if you have little ones around, you may want to watch with headphones**

Missy talks about a few organizations and resources I’ve referenced for you:



Shuswap Women Who Wine



You can learn more about Missy and her clean pro cosmetics line here:




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