Are you overwhelmed by the thought of marketing your business?  You are not alone!  I am constantly inundated with ads telling me I should be blogging, posting on social media, generating lead magnets, building my mailing lists, and more.  I just didn’t know where to start.  So, I called a friend!

In this episode, Monica Gail Kriese of Gail Force Marketing & Management explains where we should start, what social media channels are the best (depending on your customer) and how to spend your time focusing on the right marketing activities for your business.

Some key take-aways from the episode are:

  1. Get back to basics – go back to your mission and vision to connect your marketing activities to your “why”
  2. Analyze your ideal client or customer – where do they spend time?  Then, get in front of them.
  3. Start with one and do it well – no need to get overextended spending time on marketing that won’t produce results
  4. Get Help!  There are resources out there to help with your marketing.

Watch it now!

In this episode, Monica mentions a few local networks:

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