Is your life exactly as you’d like it? If you answered “no”, the only way to get from where you are to where you want to be is to get a clear sense of what an ideal life looks like.

Have you thought about the various areas of your life and determined how you would like them to improve?

Setting goals is a start, but they become even more powerful and achievable if you:

  1. Write them down
  2. Share them with someone
  3. Check in weekly to see how you’re doing

It’s important that your goals are specific so are crystal clear on what success looks like. If you say “I want a better career” that doesn’t paint the picture. Instead try “I will take a leadership role in a collaborative, B Corporation where I lead a team to deliver world class service to our clients by February 28, 2023.” Much better right?

Determine which areas of your life you want to work on. You may want to create 1-3 goals in each area, or you may want to just chose one and really go after it.

Here are some areas my may want to explore:

Area Description
Finances: How much are you making, how much savings do you have, are you investing?
Career: Where are you working?  What are you doing?  With whom are you working?  What kind of clients or customers do you have?  What does your work environment look like?
Health and Wellness: What does good health mean to you?  How do you feel? Are you full of vitality? Do you want to work on physical health or mental health or both?
Relationships: Review your relationships with your partner, friends, family.  How do these relationships feel?  What kinds of things are you doing together?
Personal Life: Any personal development you’d like to do?  Education, new skills you’d like to learn?  Any spiritual goals (i.e. learn to meditate)?
Fun Time: Where are you vacationing?  What are you doing for fun?  What are your hobbies?
Contribution / Legacy: How are you giving back?  Participating in your community?  Volunteering?

Now that you’ve set your goals, here are some ways you can make them stick:

  1. Get an accountability partner. This is someone who is also committed to their goals who you can check in with. Daily is great, weekly will work. Only 10-15 minutes to check in, share the top 3 things you will do each day towards your goal and review how you did the previous check in. Make sure to ask what support looks like and what accountability looks like for each of you.
  2. Practice affirmations – these are statements that you say out loud as though your goal has come through. They start with “I am” and should include a feeling. Here’s an example: “I am excited and grateful to have run my first 5 k race”
  3. Visualize your goals complete – athletes use the power of visualization all of the time. When you visualize your dreams as complete and how you feel about that, it tricks the mind into believing it is true. When your mind realizes your outside world doesn’t match what it has just “seen”, it will work to find ways to reconcile that.
  4. Hire a coach: Find someone who can guide you towards your goals. Someone who doesn’t know you will give you an unbiased perspective. They can push when you need it and teach you compassion and patience when you need

Many of these concepts are courtesy of The Success Principles by Jack Canfield. There are 63 principles in total but if you can master even some of the first few, you will see a real difference in your life.

If you would like to explore my coaching services, your goals, or join my 2023 Introduction to the Success Principles, book time with me for a free 2023 goal setting strategy session or sign up today!

Wishing you amazing success as you work towards your 2023 goals!